SSD 101: How HDD vs SSD Reliability


Hacker are opening SMB port on routers

Akamai says that over 45,000 routers have been compromised already. Akamai has detected an ingenious malware campaign that alters configurations on home and small office routers to open connections toward internal networks so crooks can infect previously isolated computers. The way hackers achieve this, Akamai said, is via a technique known as UPnProxy, which the


AMD saves us, the Radeon VII

Upcoming new AMD Graphics Card just announced! Aim to be on par with NVidia RTX2080! AMD using 7nm die, which mark world first 7nm GPU in the market, with smaller die size, give more efficient power consumption, it come with 16GB HBM2 with 4096-bit bus with 1TB/s of bandwidth, also it has 3840 of Stream